Change JPG file size - change resolution and file size according to the ratio or percentage. Photos are edited online and no upload is required.
JPG is an image format that compresses image files to a minimum while maintaining image quality. JPG is very popular.
Many times you need to change the size of the image. This is an HTML5 image processing tool. The image does not need to be uploaded to the service and processed on the browser side. You can change the height and width of the image. It can also be scaled such as zooming in by 50%.

Drag and drop files here
Allowed file formats: : JPG,PNG,GIF
File URL
  • Open the image, select the file to open, or drag the image to the web page.
  • Set options, enter parameters, or drag the mouse.
  • Click the Apply button to perform the operation.
  • Click the Save button to save the image.
  • Click the Restore button You can undo the operation just now.

 Data Security
We don't save, don't view, don't share user files. All work is program execution. The files you upload, the converted files, will be deleted in an hour. We have Automatically run the program to clear the file.
 Wep App
Our service is web-based, our tools can run on all platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Mac. Our computing is on the cloud server and does not take up your computer resources.
 HTML5 technology
Your computer doesn't need to download software, no software to install, no plugins to install. No Flash required. You can do all the work by opening the website in your browser.

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